Telecoms Management & Procurement

Telnergy assist companies to take advantage of telecommunications technology to enhance their business, while seeking lowest costs and extending communications potential.

We are independent of any service provider and regularly test the market for prices, levels of service and emerging technology.


Telnergy services:

  • Review current agreements, rates and requirements
  • Optimise tariffs relevant to business needs
  • Verify the technologies required to match business requirements
  • Manage the transition
  • Monitor call patterns to ensure correct tariff and objectives are met.

Fixed Line Phones

Telnergy services:

  • Review current and future use, and service connections
  • Advise on strategy to minimise costs and improve service quality
  • Appoint a ‘least cost router’ (reducing call costs at least 35% below BT standard tariff)
  • Monitor performance to ensure you remain on the correct tariff

ADSL and SDSL and Leased Lines

Telnergy services:

  • Obtain competitive quotations for Asynchronous DSL, (500k upstream and 2 meg, 8 Meg or 20 meg download) Synchronous DSL services (equal up and download speeds from 2Meg to 100 meg – where available), and Point to Point Leased lines for maximum resilience and security.
  • Assist you with set-up and help establish Virtual Private Networks for IP telephony between your sites.



  • Quarterly or Monthly bill/s
  • Full postal address for site/s.
  • Number of Lines with corresponding CLIs

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