Pre- Installation Site survey

We provide a service where we will survey your bespoke job or all jobs from an infrastructure and supply project. A survey can provide vital information on site access, contacts, materials needed, components needed and give us details of pipe work/cable sizes required before the job takes place. This sort of preparation can greatly reduce onsite time and therefore reduce costs.

Survey fees do apply dependant on size of project and job.

If we can offer assistance to you on this or if you have any query, please contact us by telephone on 08451 808088 or email us from our Contact Page.

Gas System design

Following either a site survey or gathering information (if a new install) from you as the client we can provide a bespoke design service for gas metering modules and Pressure Reduction systems, from a standard design drawing to a full system specification document.

We can handle all design needs including module, meter, concrete base and housing. We can provide this service as part of a managed project or as an individual bespoke service. Once any new design is completed it will be appraised and managed via our external contractors.

Should you wish to proceed with a quotation, a design will be issued to you and our project management and planning team will manage the job through to completion.

SiteWorks Terms

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