Contract Management Service

Why Use our Contract Management Service?

Some suppliers employ an unfair practice of automatically renewing their customers’ supply contracts once their negotiated contracted price comes to an end. These auto-contracts are usually charged at uncompetitive rates and can in some cases be for a minimum of two years.

Even if you intend to remain with the same supplier it is advisable to provide the current supplier with a termination letter to avoid being caught out by this underhand malpractice.

Some suppliers simply charge what is known as “deemed tariffs”, which are non-contractual rates and are usually quite expensive. These can be in certain cases a 400% increase on contracted rates.

Please read our report on the current terms and conditions for major suppliers which also provide details on notice for their contracts.

In order to avoid these extra costs, we offer a very simple service for all our clients and here’s how it works!

How it works!

You need to:

  1. Download our Letter of Authority
  2. Complete details, sign and fax to 08453 026688
  3. Fax a recent copy of each of your bills (Gas, Electric, Landline Telephone and Mobile) to 08453 026688 *

* By signing and returning the LOA you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.

Your dedicated Account Manager will:

  1. Obtain your current contract status from your suppliers using your signed LOA
  2. Contact you with a personal introduction and a “Status Report”
  3. Serve notice for each contract at the applicable time
  4. Send you an email notifying you that notice has been served
  5. Obtain competitive prices for your supply

P. S. You are under no obligation to accept our prices

Our Terms of Use

Terms of Use
All energy contracts are “evergreen”, meaning they automatically renew themselves if you don’t terminate them with a letter of notice. Some suppliers renew over 60% of their customers in this way; rolling them over into new contracts when often the customer is unaware this is happening. Suppliers use this as an opportunity to charge uncompetitive prices. Don’t be caught out by this process with your existing supplier. Follow the above steps to avoid wasting money in the future.

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