Code of Practice

TPI Code of Practice

In July 2012, E.On Energy launched the TPI Code of Practice. This Code of Practice sets out the standards that a Third Party Intermediary (TPI) such as Telnergy  will use to benchmark itself against. Telnergy has adopted and committed itself to becoming an advocate of E.ON Energy’s new “Third Party Intermediary (TPI) Code of Practice”. The TPI Codes of Practice are a set of standards that set the benchmark for responsible high quality TPI’s selling of energy to micro businesses. Its key focus is to;

  • Make sure their (TPI) people (including any third parties they use) know the code and stick to it.
  • Tell the customers they’re selling to what the Code is and where to find it.
  • Uphold the public image and reputation of the suppliers they represent.

E.ON Energy, who are one of the “big 6” Energy suppliers in England, set up this code of practice because it recognised that TPI’s offered an invaluable service to businesses in helping them pick the right energy supplier for their contracts. E.ON also recognised that OFGEM, as a regulator had no formal authority to govern what TPIs can and can’t do. And so in order to help mitigate any issues that could arise between a supplier, a TPI and a customer, E.ON set out to help TPI’s by developing a code of practice that covers a wide range of areas such as recruitment practices, customer contracts, data protection and complaints. By developing this code of practice, TPI’s could now commit to and offer the customer a high level of service and devotion. Even though the TPI market remains unregulated as an industry, this is a great step in the right direction to help TPI’s committed to establishing higher standards of service.


A copy of the code can be found here



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