Prologue – What is known

“There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know.

Donald Rumsfeld (Former US Secretary of Defense) February 12, 2002

I have decidedly skirted the issue of having a blog for several years. I deplore inane chatter, despise gossip, idle or otherwise. I am not a clever wordsmith as my conversations are tediously based on facts that I or my audience can refer to. The idea for this blog was necessitated by the evolution of our company’s website which spawned the need for a platform for discourse on my views on why certain decisions are taken and how they can impact you on a personal level.

There are several wars taking place at present, ones for your finance, ones for territory, ones for resources but mostly ones for your heart and minds. On this complicated stage, we have various players however I will be focusing on a vital but overlooked element of the data collectors, the data mongers and the data assimilators. There are also in the mix ones trading in misinformation for their own nefarious purposes.

There are a small number trying to turn the tide and empower their fellow citizens. I would more inclined to be in the camp of disseminating information for the masses. As we know certain types of information can be unpalatable,  as the truth can sometimes be cold and brutal, the unknown known. Which brings us back to my opening statement by Donald Rumsfeld, one I have pondered and ruminated over the years although not a profound statement as this has been discussed in academic circles for years, there was a missing element not brought to the fore and highlighted by the psychoanalytic philosopher Slavoj Žižek sating that beyond the three categories highlighted by Rumsfeld, there is a fourth, the unknown known, that which we intentionally refuse to acknowledge that we know.

So, why start a blog? My grandmother always said if you have nothing to say shut the hell up. There is no point in speaking just to fill a void, although in this day and age every one feels they deserve a platform to make their voices heard.

I can only discuss what I have experienced, offer insights into how certain elements of disparate events or statements can have global consequences later. To coin a phrase from  former US president, George W Bush I hope to prevent misunderestimations, which I believe is a hyperbole of mistakes and underestimations.

if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it is often attributed to either Peter Drucker or William Deming, both notable management consultants of the 20th Century whose teachings are still used today at the Harvard School of Business. This brings us into the first element of the known known, acting from a set of recognised or defined points of information. This avoids the element of estimations or otherwise in reaching an informed decision, the minimisation or elimination of risk.

The intention of this blog is to start with tangible data and relevant facts, the known knowns. This would be relevant information of what is happening in the news and as my main field of expertise is in utilities and cutting costs within the business sector this is essentially what will be discussed. I hope to provide the “long view” on plans taken by corporations/government that ultimately affect most of us and will be occasionally exploring the theme of the knowns along the way.

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